Frog TKL by Geonworks + GMK Modern Dolch Light

Yesterday I received GMK Modern Dolch light by and it's first stop was the Frog TKL and then it went straight to the kitchen bench because it's a combination that is something of a match made in heaven.⁠

This was a super quick shoot though - only lit with a couple of tube lights. Will get the full lighting kit onto once lockdown ends and I get the house back to myself.⁠

  • ⌨️ Keyboard Frog TKL by @Geonworks: ⁠
  • 🧢 Keycaps: GMK Modern Dolch Light ⁠
  • ⚙️ Settings: f10 - 0.8 sec - ISO 50.⁠
  • 📷 Camera: Sony A7iii + 90mm macro lens. Full camera and lighting gear listed this post.⁠