I'm a full time blogger living in Melbourne Australia with my wife Vanessa and 3 boys.

In 2002 I came across a blog one day while working one of my part times jobs and became fascinated with this new medium of creating content online.

Within an hour of seeing that blog, I had started my first personal blog.

My life was never the same again.

For the next couple of years I published content several times a day on my blog.

I wrote about my journey with a little home-based church I helped start.

I talked about the books I was reading and the TV and movies I watched.

I wrote about life in Australia, theology, politics, blogging and photography.

I talked about my life experiences, what I was doing and what I was pondering.

That first blog had over 30 categories - I have a lot of interests and curiosities.

Over the coming years, I started numerous 'niche' focused blogs.

The two that remain today are ProBlogger (started in 2004) and Digital Photography School (started in 2006). Both of these blogs evolved from passion projects to become the way I make my living today (with the support of an amazing little team of others who work with me on them).

While the topics of blogging and photography are things I'm passionate about, 17 years is a long time to blog about the same things.

Lately, I've looked back on my early days of blogging and the freedom of being able to write on varied topics on that first personal blog. I've also watched Vanessa start her blog - Style and Shenanigans - a place where she covers many topics and wished I had a blog like that too.

Sadly my first personal blog is no more, but I've long owned the domain for my own name and decided to do something with it while stuck at home during COVID19.

My new personal blog is born.

For now it'll be a place I am keeping some articles that I've previously published that in a variety of places that didn't quite fit topically on my blogs.

Some are quite personal - my stories of living with depression and facing what some might call a 'midlife crisis'.

Others are more focused upon entrepreneurship and creative thinking.

I've also included a couple of talks I've given. One on the topic of chasing your dreams and another on how to get lucky!

Moving forward my hope is to continue to write on a variety of topics.

I'm an avid consumer of content and will no doubt talk about books, TV series, podcasts.

I am fascinated by technology and will no doubt introduce you to some of my favourite geeky apps and the gadgets that I use for work and pleasure.

I am passionate about creativity, entrepreneurship, travel, food, communication and from time to time am known to get a little deeper and introspective - all of these themes are sure to surface from time to time in my writing.

I'm also a keen photographer and will no doubt share some photos - particularly of the product photography I'm currently into (see more of it on my keyboard Instagram account here).

I can't guarantee a certain frequency of posting or that the combinations of topics will have a lot of consistency - but if you're interested in going along on the ride with me I'd certainly love to have you join me.

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The fine print.

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I don't see this blog as becoming a business - it is more a place for self-expression - but the income it generates will no doubt help with the monthly hosting costs associated with the site. I use it when I need to purchase some products to include in articles and guides I write.

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